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Welcome to Heather's Family!!

This site is dedicated to all of my children:

About 3,000 kids in the U.S. are taken from their families every day by CPS workers who claim they are only trying to help the family. Do not let these workers fool you. They are not your friends, nor do they want to help. They want to get inside your home so they can build a case against you. The law says you do not have to allow them to enter your home.
The reason for this site is to make people aware of how the child protection system is destroying families. I lost my six kids to the state for being married to an abusive man. I made a bad choice in partners, but the law says that the workers are suppose to arrest the individual breaking the law. They did not do this. I was wrong to be in the relationship. I knew this man for 5 yrs. before we got married. I never saw the violent side of him until two yrs. AFTER we got married.
My parental rights were terminated on all of my kids. But I promised them I'd never give up the fight. I may not have legal grounds to take it to court, but I can try to get the laws changed. I will keep my promise to my children. They mean the world to me. I will not give up until innocent children and families stop getting their constitutional rights violated and trampled. I may not be able to get my kids back, but maybe I can keep someone else from losing theirs.
Did you know that CPS gets paid to take children from their biological parents and place them in foster homes? In the state of Utah alone, they get 25,000 dollars for every child they take. That's a lot of money. This is federal money from grants. The workers get a "bonus" in their checks when they remove children. When you look into the situation, it makes a person wonder if these children are being taken because it's in their "best interest".
Statistics show that most cases of child abuse are unfounded, yet the children are never returned to the biological parents. Why? The workers continue to get money for up to 22 months if the child is in foster care.
On my favorite links page, you will find some interesting websites to check out. The two best ones are CPSwatch and join-hands.



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